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Welcome! Have a Happy Easter!
someone this Easter and share the feeling of Renewal this Easter!
Easter Basket Includes 1 (60) Minute Massage Gift Certificate
1 Chocolate Cross and Spa Pampering Products Only
Please make your orders in advance. Call Sherrie for pick up.
Ends on Easter Day.
He Has Risen!
Spring into these packages!
Buy 2 (60) minute massages and get 2 (60) minute FREE!
Only $140!
W/ tax $9.45
Buy 1 60 minute massage & get 1 FREE for
W/Tax $4.72
You May Share with a love one!
Save $70!
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Red Hearts
Valentine's Day
Couples Massage for $140! Was $160!
Get 2 (60) minute individual massage for FREE!
W/Tax 149.10! Save $140!
Find the time to relax together in front of a relaxing fire place! Relieve the stress together to show your significant other you care.
Let this be a bonding time he or she will never forget!
Newly Remodeled Spa Rooms & Specials at
Peaceful IndiaExperience China
Come see what is new! Relax, Enjoy and Renew Your Mind, Body and Soul!
Here's our theme rooms for your relaxation and enjoyment!
Relax in Tranquil South Africa
Enjoy the Native American Room
Experience Cozy Switzerland
Experience a Tropical Atomosphere
Pamper Yourself
Relieve some stress!
New! Warm Stone Massages are back! Now $50 for a 60 minute relaxing warm time!
Heat up here and still feel the tropical sensation!
Wrap-less Body Wrap or Herbal Detox Steam Treatment essential oils and herbal aroma therapy only $40!
Warm Stone MassageWas $45!
Add an 30 minute back massage for $30!
Trio Massage!
Great for friends, mothers and daughters together to share relaxing times together and to have fun
while you indulge in our Stress Relief massages! $50 per person!
3 massages in one room together at the same time!
Refresh and Renew
Chair MassageWomen Relaxing
Weight lose
Now we have a portable steam right at our massage tables! You may wear a bikini, shorts and top, and warm up the muscles with our new Steamy Wonder!
You do not have the concerns of taking a shower right after your blissful steam treatments. We recommend that you leave the organic treatments on for 2 hours after treatments.
Try our new Spa Treatments including wrap-less body wraps for a new and healthier you!
Steamy Wonder Spa Treatments,
Loss inches, Detox and more......
The best way to get the full benefit is trying these treatments in 3 sessions for 3 days in a row for only $135 and if you try them in this manner, you will get 1 session FREE! We recommend you do this every season for the optimum detox!
We carry Herbal and Aroma Therapy treatments, which includes these products:
  • Maximum Detoxification and Purification Treatment
  • Weight loss and Cellulite Reduction
  • Joint Pain and Muscle Relief
  • Relaxation Facial Treatment
  • Organic Treatments
Spa Room
Please, advance notice.
Book a Spa Party for FREE when you book in November! Enjoy a girls night out for FREE! Just have fun and relax together! Must be 6 or more for this promotion!
Info on event page or call Sherrie at
Host a Spa Party!
Who doesn't love the idea of a FREE massage? Better yet, who doesn't love the idea of getting a FREE massage with a group of friends?
Call for Spa Party Info
For the next 30 days, book and host a spa party in our spa lounge with us for you and your girlfriends and we will give you a FREE (60) minute massage for hosting your spa party. You'll not only have a great girls night in our cozy wood burning fire place spa lounge. Getting cabin fever? You'll experience a relaxing fun time hosting a rejuvenating spa service to remember for years! let us provide the relaxation for your next spa party!
Spa Lounge
Spa Lounge
For your spa and massage party, events, pamper parties, baby showers or retreat. Whatever the ocassion Healing Hands by Sherrie will cater to your event needs. Try our new chocolate and cheese fondue spa party. Ask for ideas! We are here to help make your experience stress-free!
Group Outings
Spa and massage fun!Try something new! Bring your friends, co-workers, group outing, small group retreat to have 15 minute back massages! Have fun without all the stress that life can bring! Enjoy life!
Group Outings
Couples Massage
Couples Massage
Have a romantic time at the spa relaxing with your love one while we melt away the stress! Enjoy the ambiance of a wood burning fire place. This will surely rekindle the fire back into your relationship!
Welcome Groupon Clients! Our Massage
are available and ready to serve you.
Sherrie the owner is now available for Groupon
Clients.The only days Sherrie will not be accepting
Groupon's is on Saturday's and after 4:30 on the week days
Please call ahead to book for the Couples Massages if you are having trouble booking at the same time. 
o not apply for her regular clients that
purchase on our website or in the spa!
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